Conquer the grassroots king Arc 1.1

Translator: Jia

[The system of the king of the dead is launching…]

[Scanning host information……]

Name: Ji Jinrong

Age: 17

Popularity value: 35250000 points

Length of time: 4 years

[Please choose whether to bind with the system: Yes/No]


[Please choose whether to enter the new world: Yes/No]



Ji Jinrong entered the new world in this way.

Ji Jinrong had a weak body from childhood, so regardless of whether it was a medical fairy, medical god or a medical saint once they put a hand on his wrist, their eyes land on him and they helplessly sigh: “Cannot live past eighteen.”

Ji Jinrong was self-aware that he would not live for long, so with a mindset to enjoy the present, he raised a dog, oh no, he raised an eagle that only listens to his orders.

The name of the eagle dog is Wei Tingjun.

Wei Tingjun was Ji Jinrong’s eyes and ears, this allowed Ji Jinrong, even if bedridden with lingering disease, to know of the changes in the imperial court and the ordinary people. Ji Jinrong taught Wei Tingjun literacy, the art of war, riding and martial arts. There were many things that Ji Jinrong didn’t understand, he was purely blindly commanding – only Wei Tingjun could believe this without a doubt.

He didn’t expect that he would accidentally raise a general.

The emperor was muddle-headed and incompetent, acting preposterously. Although Wei Tingjun was young, he had unspeakable impressive and dignified manner. Borrowing the brave and powerful black knight battalion under his (JYR) command, he (WTJ) was accidentally able to gain control over the entire court and country.

That’s right, it was an accident again.

Just like how Ji Jinrong accidentally killed all his brothers under the support of a hundred officials, it was really unexpected.

Many people chose Ji Jinrong because he was young, had a weak body and was easier to handle than the others.

Ji Jinrong was indeed young and weak, he slept a lot and woke up less, so the central government very quickly fell into the hands of Wei Tingjun.

This guy was really hateful, acting unscrupulous and insolent!

For example, every day this guy would always casually break into his palace to search for the small ghee roasted chicken that Ji Jinrong had ordered people to bring in! That was his family’s little beauty, oh no, it was hard for his friends to queue up and buy it.

It was hateful that Wei Tingjun had returned to Jing Shi as Ji Jinrong never ate even half a bite again!

Ji Jinrong with grief and indignation cursed in rage: “Treason and heresy! Scoundrel!”

Wei Tingjun remained unmoved for many years, the wind and rain did not change the search for Ji Jinrong’s small roast chicken and marinated duck meat – even the pigeon’s leg that was only enough to stuff the teeth was not missed.

It simply made one’s hair stand up in anger!

It was a pity that even though he was forced to avoid those foods by Wei Tingjun, his health still showed no signs of improvement.

Seeing that he was on the verge of death, Wei Tingjun whimpered and cursed God: “Heaven is unjust! Why couldn’t the wise, faithful and upright emperor live longer? Instead, those who do all kinds of evil are free!” Then the man in power (WTJ) held him (JYR) and cried like a child, each sound more desolate than the last: “Your majesty! Your majesty! Your majesty! Heaven is unjust!”

Ji Jinrong wanted to laugh at Wei Tingjun’s words only to find that his eyelids were too heavy to open.

Ji Jinrong slowly fell asleep.

This sleep, he seemed to have had entered chaos. A vacant space surrounded him, only a bit of light hung by his side.

Ji Jinrong wanted to reach out and touch those bits of light. He did not know how long it had been before a sound rung in his mind: “I found you!”

Ji Jinrong tried to ‘see’ it but he could not see anything. This feeling of being at a disadvantage made him very unhappy, even if he was lying on the sickbed he would never let himself be in a situation without a counterattack.

Ji Jinrong asked: “What are you?”

That voice said: “I am a portable system attached to A33333 host’s brain. It was hard to find you!” it’s voice bitter: “It’s like this, my colleague made a mistake. It found a particularly powerful host, but that guy got rid of the system’s control and put people in every world in a terrible situation. Since he appeared, the number of complaints to the boss has soared and has not stopped. The boss sent me to fix this error, and to find a host that can make that powerful existence to calm down as quickly as possible.”

Ji Jinrong frowned.

He doesn’t quite understand the words it was saying.

The voice carried self-satisfaction: “I analysed several worlds where that powerful existence had been before, and I finally found the only weakness in his heart. I finally found you after going through layers of investigation. Please help us stop him! In return, we will help you repair your body so that you can create the golden age that you hope to see.”

Compared to countless worlds being completely destroyed, the boss can accept a path in a world to be changed.

This is also a compromise with no alternative.

You! Ji Jinrong sharply grasped the meanings behind its words.

Surely it doesn’t mean that that so-called “powerful existence” is someone he knows?

The system boasted: “You are so smart. Yes, that person is someone you know. After you died, that person vented his anger towards heaven and when his presence was detected by that chaotic thief system, he was selected as a host. Unexpectedly, after he completed the task not only did he not leave the new world, he continued to live there constantly and recklessly killing. The chaotic thief system without any choice could only enforce an exit command. However, it did not expect to make a mistake in this process and he reversed the system’s control and began to freely pick a new world!” The system was somewhat scared.

“If we let him continue on like this a lot of worlds will completely collapse—”

Ji Jinrong did not ask who on earth that “powerful existence” is because he could already guess.

That person who vented his anger towards heaven: Wei Tingjun

Towards everything that the system had said, Ji Jinrong objectively evaluated: “Not bad, it sounds very cool.”

System: “……” /(ToT)/~~ What to do? This host also seems a bit scary!

Ji Jinrong: “If I don’t agree, will I immediately die?”

System: “Yes, if you don’t bind with the system you will immediately leave the human world.” It is still very honest, “But your popularity is very high so if you reincarnate you should have a big blessing and fate.”

Ji Jinrong had no interest in the afterlife as in the afterlife he would not be Ji Jinrong so what use is a big blessing and fate. He said: “Okay, I (Imperial) will accept the binding but since his (WTJ’s) system has a name, you should also have one?”

System: “I do, I am called the king of the dead system.”

Ji Jinrong: “This name is a bit auspicious ah.”

System: “/(ToT)/~~ Do not pay attention to these details.”

Then when Ji Jinrong opened his eyes again, everything he saw was unfamiliar.

Ji Jinrong got off the bed.

This body was healthy and had flexible limbs.

He narrowly escaped death.

The king of the dead, the chaotic thief? Sounds very interesting.

He wants to play with the chaotic thief, he at least has a bit of foundation? Ji Jinrong is a bit eager to give it a try, he eagerly got out of bed.

The original host was the “ King of a nation to be destroyed” but somehow was also an emperor.

Hearing Ji Jinrong’s movements, the palace attendants entered in a single file holding inner and outer garments, wash basin, wash appliances separated into two columns, his (original hot’s) power was no less than Ji Jinrong’s (when he was emperor).

Ji Jinrong wanted to order: “Quickly prepare a small roast chicken, marinated duck meat and a roast pigeon.” Only to discover that this body had a small problem, a stammer! This problem made the original owner not like to talk, if he really wanted to talk he could only speak out one word at a time.

As for why a stutterer was chosen to be an emperor.

Simply speaking, it was naturally because someone wanted to usurp the throne but didn’t want to bear eternal infamy, so they chose a puppet that was easy to grasp.

Ji Jinrong can’t help but sympathise with the original host.

They are both puppet emperors, but this guy was more pitiful than him. At least he still had a few friends that he could talk to. Don’t say that the original host had no friends, he couldn’t even speak properly!

Ji Jinrong cool and collectedly finished washing, he wore a uniform to go to the field to practice riding. This is one of the things that the original host must do every day in order to keep fit and to cultivate a ‘regal’ (resemblance).

In the past Ji Jinrong’s health was too bad so he never rode a horse and even more so never pulled a bow, so he is very interested in this activity. Ji Jinrong’s eyes shined as he waited for the horse eunuch to bring the horse.

A good horse!

With its gleaming copper hair, its beautifully sleek and lean form, and dark eyes looked energetic. No wonder the original owner insisted on riding it every day despite being shaken off several times a day until he was forced to ride an ordinary horse, unwilling though he might be. 

Ji Jinrong went forward to touch the beautiful red horse’s mane.

The red horse kicked its hoofs, turned its head disdainfully and snorted again.

Originally, riding a horse for the first time should be gentle but Ji Jinrong is not too willing since when could a horse look down on him?

Ji Jinrong snorted: “Go.” He took the horse onto the field, going forward step by step.

After Ji Jinrong’s condition was aggravated, he had not been able to be so ‘down-to-earth’ for a long time so even strolls in morning walks made him satisfied.

The sun is warm, and the sun is comfortable.

Ji Jinrong is very satisfied, but the red horse could not stand it.

It is a good horse that is a rare encounter, it actually had to accompany Ji Jinrong for a ‘walk’! it is simply disgraceful! It snorted a few breaths to express its dissatisfaction.

Ji Jinrong is still not in a hurry.

He took the red horse around in a circle and said: “Run?”

The red horse stared at Ji Jinrong.

He did not wait for the red horse to struggle and lightly told the horse eunuch to: “Change.”

In the next two days, Ji Jinrong lead the red horse around a circle then made the horse eunuch lead it, and he changed to a gentle horse to practice riding. He is not good at riding, his accuracy is also not good. At first, he could only pull the bow, and the number of times that he missed the target became less.

Fortunately, the original host himself was not good at riding so he was not exposed.

On the fourth morning, after Ji Jinrong lead the red horse around half a lap the red horse is not willing to go forward.

Its limbs nailed in place, it turned to look at Ji Jinrong with eyes full of anger: This is over the line! He (JJR) takes it to walk around every day but does not let it run! It’s enough that he doesn’t let it run but he also makes him watch other horses run!

Ji Jinrong looked at it with a smile and reached out to touch its fluffy and beautiful mane.

This time the red horse did not snort, shake its head and kick its hoof.

Ji Jinrong said to the horse eunuch who ran over and is panting: “Help me.”

The horse eunuch quivered as he went forward to help Ji Jinrong mount the horse.

Ji Jinrong held the reins and caught the horse’s belly. The horse rushed toward the sun and raised a layer of dust. It clearly ran very fast, but Ji Rong is as stable as Mount Tai on the horseback. With Ji Jinrong it ran for two, three laps, the horse is unwilling to slow down and made Ji Jinrong practice archery.

When Ji Jinrong practiced two rounds and rolled over to dismount, he was already sweaty and tired. He was so tired that his face was red.

Not far away an imperial guard on duty who was also the grandson of General Zhangsun  – Zhangsun Meng’s eyes widened and were fixed on themfor a long time, and his eyes were full of disbelief.

These days, he was transferred to stand guard in the field, he secretly laughed when saw Ji Jinrong’s funny actions in the past three days. he did not expect that the horse would actually let Ji Jinrong ride it today. That fiery steed was snatched from the north.

Zhangsun Meng took advantage of the change of class to quietly touch the horse that was brought to the stable, he was prepared to try it out himself to see if it changed its temper.

Did not expect that just as he mounted the horse it immediately kicked its hoof, and ruthlessly threw him off!


Zhangsun Meng fell heavily onto the ground.

Zhangsun Meng sadly reached out to rub his butt that was split into two halves from the fall.


His butt hurts a lot!


Note: Hi guys, it’s been a while since I last translated/worked on a translation. It’s also my first time translating this type of (fast wear) novel too so please forgive any grammatical errors – I am willing to take advice! I am reading as I go so please do not give any spoilers. Also feel free to comment any thoughts on this novel. I currently do not have an update schedule.

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