Conquer the grassroots king Arc 1.2

Translator: Jia

Not only was Zhangsun Meng’s ass unlucky, his screams also attracted the horse eunuch.

This horse eunuch is called He Tai, he raises horses all year round so he is far stronger than the average eunuchs. He is not afraid of offending Zhangsun Meng so he directly reported to the head above saying that Zhangsun Meng was stealing His Majesty’s horse.

Zhangsun Meng rubbed his butt and did not mention any grievances in front of the teachings of the eunuch.

Zhangsun Meng did not dispute with the eunuch and placed this debt onto Ji Jinrong. He has grievances in his heart.

Zhangsun Jia [1] was of a military lineage, their ancestors were also bestowed the title Marquis Wei Guo. In this generation, the marquis position has been passed onto Zhangsun Meng’s Zufu [2]. Contrary to expectations he (his Zufu) gave birth to a hedonistic son and a bastard grandson.

Marquis Wei Guo saw Zhangsun Meng’s depressed expression and inquired the reason. He angrily reproached: “Kneel down you little bastard!”

Zhangsun Meng was startled but seeing that his Zufu was using the bedside to support himself breathlessly, he dares not to go against him. He plopped onto the ground to kneel, straightened up his neck and called out: “Zufu…… “

Wei Guo Gong angrily scolded: “Do you still think that you aren’t wrong? Do you think that you’re not wrong at all?! You are a person from our Zhangsun Jia! Our family Marquis title carries Wei Guo [4] these two words! Zhangsun Jia’s family’s precepts instructs for us to be loyal!”  

Zhangsun Meng said: “Did I not just ride a horse? The horse was still offered by you! Besides, Zufu you’ve been ill for so long and he has not come to see you!” Zhangsun Meng’s eyes reddened: “He probably does not know that he has you, this person!”

Marquis Wei Guo suddenly closed his eyes. His voice lost its usual vigour: “I taught you since you was a child, even so others will only be more excessive. Da lang ah, every time I think of your mother telling me that sending you into the imperial army to be a guard is ruining your future I – feel pain like a knife is being twisted in my heart. I feel pain like a knife is being twisted in my heart — ” His eyes poured out tears, he grabbed the bedside and coughed a few times and spat out a mouth of dark red blood.

Zhangsun Meng who was startled, he quickly stepped forward to support Marquis Wei Guo and shouted for people to invite the doctor.

Marquis Wei Guo looked at his grandson’s face which was full of concern, he mourned in his heart. These are the very small trifles that best shows that the sovereign king has lost majesty.

He closed his eyes: “Be done with it, be done with it since what you think is the same as your mother, you do not need to run errands in the palace just come back and serve me.”

Zhangsun Meng knew that this will only aggravate his Zu Fu’s condition: “Grandfather [3] I won’t speak or behave unreasonably. I really won’t speak or behave unreasonably. From now on will guard His majesty closely, if he is —- if there is such a day, even if I have to give up my flesh and blood I will thoroughly protect His Majesty!”

Marquis Wei Guo shed tears again hearing his grandson say this.

Although this grandson is stubborn, he is still the most favourite grandson of Marquis Wei Guo. When the Royal family dies, many aristocratic families will have moved their younger generation to various places to observe the changes in the capital. In the past, many people from aristocratic families rushed to send their younger generation into the imperial army to show their faces to the Son of Heaven. Most imperial guards are accounted by the younger generation of commoners now, and only a few of them are from aristocratic families! Currently, loyalty towards the new Emperor is equivalent to severing their future ‘road’.

But if even Zhangsun Jia avoids the vicious snakes, who will be at the new Emperor’s side? Who else will there be!

The doctor soon came to look at Marquis Wei Guo. When he finished checking the pulse, the doctor slightly shook his head and said that it was difficult to treat the heart.

Not waiting for Zhangsun Meng to ask questions, a servant came to report in panic: “Bad news! Bad news! Marquis, the imperial college is in disorder! The students blocked the palace gate!”

Marquis Wei Guo was anxious and spat out blood again.

Zhangsun Meng hatefully stared at the servant.

That servant trembled.

Before he could much less ask, another servant ran in. This servant was also shaken up badly: “Marquis, Zhen Nan Wang’s men sent a two-hundred-year ginseng and said it’s for you to cultivate your health—”

Marquis Wei Guo angrily sat up, and screamed: “Throw it out! Throw it out for me!”

This isn’t sending medicine, its to take his Zufu’s life!

Zhangsun Meng unceasingly harboured resentment in his heart, he swore from the bottom of his heart: Even if the whole of Zhangsun Jia dies for the country it won’t change to (the hands of) this chaotic thief.

Zhangsun Meng went forward to help Marquis Wei Guo, but Marquis Wei Guo pushed Zhangsun Meng away and commanded his guards: “Watch him!”

Marquis Wei Guo only looked at the servant to ask about the situation of the imperial college after he waited for his guards to take away Zhangsun Meng who was left stunned.

As it turns out, it’s the matter about the imperial college offering Li Zhengyuan the supervisor position. Five days ago, the magistrate of Jing Cheng received a “report” and brought people to search Li Zhengyuan’s house. In the end they found one hundred thousand taels of sliver!

Li Zhengyuan is very strict in his daily life, he handles affairs stubbornly without change, and many people have been punished by him, so there are countless people who harbour a grudge against him. After the sliver was found, Li Zhengyuan was quickly released, and there was also officers and soldiers outside of Li Jia’s house. They beat up the students that threw rotten eggs at Li Jia.

When these students returned to the imperial college they said, the public is in uproar. They thought that the officials were shielding one another, so they proposed to make a list of Li Zhengyuan’s students and request for the court to thoroughly investigate and punish these people.

Marquis Wei Guo’s heart ached.

Although Li Zhengyuan is strict, he behaves upright and outspoken. The imperial college’s supervisor was free of corruption when serving his post so how could one hundred thousand taels of sliver be his! In the imperial court, there could only be one that can easily take out so much sliver! There is only one person who can send people the Magistrate of Jing Cheng!

This – search – has completely ruined Zhengyuan’s life, and completely destroyed the imperial college that is used to cultivate the pillar of the country!

Cruel! Cruel! Cruel!

Marquis Wei Guo suppressed his throat and said in a loud voice: “Bring my armour! Bring my sword!”

The guards and the servant kneeled and silently cried.

“Bring my armour!”

Marquis Wei Guo shouted at the top of his voice again.

“Bring my sword!”

The guards wiped their tears, crying as they got up to bring Marquis Wei Guo’s armour and sword.

When Marquis Wei Guo went out, his back was straight, and his armour emitted a cold light. He strode to the direction of the palace gate, there was only endless sorrow on his weather-beaten face.

The arrival of Marquis Wei Guo made the students calm down at once.

Everyone knew that Marquis Wei Guo was sick in bed.

Seeing Marquis Wei Guo’s sharp eyes, and a cold light flashing from the sword, many people unconsciously took several steps back.

This killing embryo will not care whether they are students of the imperial college or not!

They did not know who shouted: “Officials shield one another! Officials shield one another!” after seeing the idea of escape growing in many people’s minds

They did not shout for long as a few cold arrows had already hit their throats.

The students were suddenly thrown into confusion: “They’re killing people! They’re killing people!”

Marquis Wei Guo coldly stood in front of the scarlet red palace gate, clearly and loudly shouting: “Some of you should be aware of where these arrows came from!

The students calmed down hearing Marquis Wei Guo’s words. If you are self-righteous people who can distinguish right and wrong, then open your eyes and have a good look at whether someone is secretly stirring up trouble! I only bring the sword in my hand, the great ancestor bestowed it to Zhangsun Jia and the ancestor handed the sword down to me!” He unsheathed his sword, “If you take another step forward, if you continue to make trouble for another day then you are the rebel party that brings calamity and chaos to laws and discipline of the imperial court! You can continue to cause trouble, I don’t have much strength, so I can’t take many lives, but you can step over my dead body and then continue to cause trouble.

The students calmed down after listening to Marquis Wei Guo.

Just as they were deadlocked, Zhangsun Meng ran out. His face was scratched, and his clothes were damaged but he completely not in the mood to pay attention to it. He didn’t even glacnce at those students, with a thump he kneeled in front of Marquis Wei Guo, he hugged Marquis Wei Guo’s legs and cried: “Grandpa let’s go back, let’s go back! You return, you have me. I am here! Don’t worry about it, don’t worry about these things!”

The students were creating a commotion again.

Marquis Wei Guo’s body staggered and scolded: “Go back!”

Zhangsun Meng is a very stubborn person, in a blink of an eye he suddenly grew up.

He reached out to take the sword in Marquis Wei Guo’s hands: “Grandpa, this sword should be hand over to me — It should be held by me!” After saying this he turned around and his malicious gaze swept over the students who wanted to rush forward.

At this time, the scarlet red palace gate slowly opened.

A bright yellow figure appeared inside the palace gate.

Ji Jinrong was wearing a crown, underneath the tassel (of the crown) his bright eyes carried a hint of coldness.

Ji Jinrong said: “Zhen is here.” His gaze swept over the faces of the crowd. “You said that – you have something to say. Feel free to speak.” He was obviously a stutterer so only two, three words can go out. Ji Jinrong simply bluffed what he said.

Ji Jinrong was not afraid of the students that were creating a disturbance and almost within reach, he went forward to support Marquis Wei Guo who wanted to salute.

Zhangsun Meng was also stunned by Ji Jinrong, he bowed to him: “Your Majesty!” Compared with the previous unwillingness, Zhangsun Meng called out with great sincerity.

Ji Jinrong heard the news from He Tai.

The stable was near the city gate, so he was the first to hear movements. He Tai, this horse eunuch was originally a scholar, but his step mother was unwilling to pay for a private tutor and sold him. When a freak combination of factor occurred, he purified his body [5] and entered the palace. He relied on his skills of raising horse to obtain the errands of a horse eunuch. He knows more compared to other insiders and knew that the situation was bad.

After listening to Marquis Wei Guo weeping bloody words, He Tai no longer hesitated and took the red horse straight to the imperial study. Under the guise of “Something happened to His Majesty’s favourite red horse” to ask to see Ji Jinrong.

Ji Jinrong was a little surprised, but he really did love that red horse, so he immediately saw He Tai.

He Tai asked Ji Jinrong to forgive his crime of deceiving the monarch before tirelessly speaking about the affair.

After He Tai finished explaining, Ji Jinrong ordered people to fetch his crown and he rode the red horse led by He Tai straight the palace gate.

Seeing that Marquis Wei Guo was obviously trembling, but his back was still straight and upright. Ji Jinrong thought of the many people that stood in front or behind him.

How similar!

They were so similar that he cannot bear to pretend to be blind, he did not want to listen or see.

Since he replaced the original host, then all this should naturally be his responsibility! No matter what, he would be unable to feel at ease and justified if he placed this burden onto the old man Marquis Wei Guo just before the sundown. [6]

The king of a nation to be destroyed? He won’t wait for his doom!

Ji Jinrong glanced and saw that there were students hiding closely among three-four people, and so he was aware that these people were quite prestigious among the students. He pointed towards three of them and said: “Speak.”

Seeing Ji Jinrong suddenly pick out these three people, the students calmed down. They were incomparably shocked in their hearts.

The three men that were picked out were also restless, they felt Ji Jinrong’s bright eyes fall on to them. Among them, one eventually could not hold it and went down on to his knees to salute to Ji Jinrong: “Your Majesty!”

Afterall the students were still young, they weren’t rebellious, it was only that they were young and spirited so they were easily incited. One knelt, and the others knelt and shouted in unison: “Your Majesty!”

Ji Jinrong was aware of Marquis Wei Guo’s slightly tremoring palms, he gave Marquis Wei Guo a comforting expression in his eyes before attentively listening to the student’s narration.

After listening to their words Ji Jinrong came up with a plan. He said: “Go back, I’m (Imperial) aware.”

Seeing that some people still wanted to speak, He Tai who already ran over to substitute for Ji Jinrong and spoke: “Could it be said that you are blocking the palace gate to send memorials or proposals directly to the emperor!”

The students suddenly snapped back to attention.

Yes, they didn’t they block the palace gate precisely for the sake of sending memorials or proposals directly to the emperor? Since His Majesty came out and did not complain about them creating a disturbance then they should without a doubt separate.

The students in twos and threes thanked him by kotowing, they got ready to leave and turned around and left. At this time, Ji Jinrong pointed among six people and said: “You, stay behind.”

Those six people were sweating like a pulp, they knelt heavily with a thump: “Your Majesty, we were merely incited and taken advantage of!”

Ji Jinrong lightly spoke: “What are, you afraid of?” he pointed at the three corpses on the ground: “Collect — the bodies — of your companions.”

Ji Jinrong painstakingly emphasised “companion” which made the six people dare not to get up. If they knew that His Majesty was of keen intelligence and excellent judgement, they would not have promised the other side to do this type thing! Who knows if those arrows will hit them in their throats in the next moment.

The students had not dispersed yet. People of this age are more muddled than anyone else, they are also more intelligent than anyone else. Seeing this scene, it was obvious. They were taken advantage of by these guys!

They stared at those six people, they had the intention to go up to beat and kick them, but they recalled that His Majesty was still here. They couldn’t help but kneel down in situ: “Your Majesty, I was muddled so I misunderstood the thief’s evil devices.

Without further words, Ji Jinrong nodded warmly to them and then turned to walk into the palace gate.

The students in unison once again opened their mouths: “Respectfully sending off Your Majesty!”

Once the palace gates closed, Ji Jinrong asked for a soft sedan chair and instructed for He Tai to: “Summon, an Imperial physician.”

Only after speaking, Ji Jinrong turned to look at Marquis Wei Guo.

Marquis Wei Guo: “Your Majesty, I have — things I want to say—-”

Ji Jinrong: “No need.” His gaze was peaceful “I (Imperial) know.”

Marquis Wei Guo frowned.

Ji Jinrong: “Those three arrows, it was you” He paused staring at Marquis Wei Guo, slowly but smoothly completing his words. “—–It was you, who instructed. If it was me, I would also do this.” In such a situation, they could only slice through a know with a sharp knife.

Marquis Wei Guo was shocked.

He felt both relief and deep regret! He was relieved that the new Emperor had the ability to understand everything, regret that the new Emperor did nothing at all beofre. It should have been for self-protection! He screamed in anger: “That Zhen Nan Wang is really a chaotic thief! Just because Supervisor Li scolded him ‘the thief’s heart is well known to passer-by’s’ so he planted goods on to him to frame him.

Ji Jinrong: “No.”

If it was Zhen Nan Wang, he would never be so stupid.

This is just a matter of someone wanting to kill three birds with one stone, it’s a dirty little trick better kept under the table. With Zhen Nan Wang’s formidable character, it is not something he would do.

Marquis Wei Guo was surprised.

Ji Jinrong: “It wasn’t him.”

At this time, a mellow and rich magnetic voice came from behind Ji Jinrong: “Your Majesty is wise.”

[1] family

[2] Grandfather – I preferred Zufu

[3] 爷爷 another form of addressing someone as grandfather

[4] 卫国 means to defend one’s country.

[5] He was castrated.

[6] his death


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